Building your own custom bike, story from our follower from Indonesia

Honda GL200 ’95 Cafe Racer

Dear Riders, after introducing a bunch of custom bikes in our stories section, from very famous garages, we decided to show some hard work of our followers.

Everyone has a dream to customize their bikes but not all of us are ready to put hard work, money and sweat into it. This is the story about Dimas Oemartha from Jakarta, Indonesia, aslo known as @oemarthadimas.

He come up with an idea to turn his Honda GL200 ’95 into a Cafe Racer. We had a nice chat with @oemarthadimas where he explained he built this bike with long haul and a ton of sacrifices. He invested his time and money and had a lot of ideas how to get the result that he would be proud of.

Were these sacrifices worth of investments? He said that every time he rides his bike, people are staring at it's beauty. The bike became more popular than the rider himself, @oemarthadimas says.

That was the precious moment for him! Not only that his investments paid off, he also gain respect from his fellow riders.

From Never Ride Alone crew we can just say great work mate! Special "double tap" for the yellow and black combination of colors, exactly like our brand mark colors are :) We hope you will enjoy the bike and the rides long into the future! 


Safe ride fellow riders! If you would like us to feature your hard work please drop us a line to, we would like to see what ideas and solutions you guys came up with. 

Give Dimas a follow on instagram @oemarthadimas if you like and respect his hard work and passion!