You want Radical? Here you go...

Ed Turners Radical GSXR1100 Custom

It's always cool when a client come to his favorite custom motorcycle builder and ask for his dream bike, but what happens when he comes to Ed? The end product can be a lot of things, but it need to have two ingredients: minimalism and radicalism!!! Get a load of Ed Turners Custom GSXR1100! 

Of course that with builds like these things go mental, and this was no exception. From the "oh, we want only a rear frame loop to stiffen the things up" to the "well, I'm going to build the whole new frame, that's what I'll do" - such is the creative process and you almost certainly get the picture. The focal point got to be the massive engine - typical 1980's Suzuki beauty, so massive that if you mount anything else on the bike it'll look gigantic. That's where minimalism comes into picture, with a radically re-worked electrics, custom frame and an integrated 6L petrol tank + a custom single sided swingarm.....and basically custom everything....:)

The front end is Buell, and so are the wheels, and there's got to be a single shock in the back. Client and the builder like to Sk8 - hence the skateboard stickers on the petrol tank covered with multi-layered clear coats. Velocity stacks suck the air directly from your nuts, which are btw carefully placed it the custom rear subframe with a custom leather seat. Front light? Comes from Mustang (car) while the rear has a different story - apparently it's a jail light - kinda like a room service red light for inmates :) 

Crazy, original, minimal, radical.

Ed Turner