Nicely nicely done

Custom Honda CX500 GTS by Sacha Lakic

There's a huge number of Custom Honda CX's out there, maybe a bit too many for one's taste, making it harder for an individual to spot a good build. Yet for Sacha Lakic's custom GTS it took us all together about two seconds...such is the presence of this custom motorcycle. Sacha, an acomplished designer from France, built his career working on projects for Yamaha, Bimota and Voxan (at least the transportation part of his portfolio).>>>

The GTS (named after Georges, Theirry and Sacha, who worked on it) was born from the passion and a few cold beers (as Sacha would put it). Having been sitting for a long time in his friends 'George's Garage' in Luxembourg, it was time for a 1982 CX500 to get a new lease of life. The rear was completely redone, removing the original frame loop thus making way for a custom single seater subframe.>>>

The shocks got the much needed upgrade in the form of RAC 50mm Marzocchi upside down forks at the front end, while back was tamed with a single Öhlins shock sourced from a Ducati 851. The rear swing arm needed to be modified and reinforced for a single shock configuration. Nissin calipers stop the twin wavey discs in the front, while single disc is sufficient for such a delicate rear weight. The old wheels were scraped and some new Excel spoked units were acquired. Nice touch to the overall design. And a pro tip - make sure to use the tires which have white or yellow markings on them - it gives the bike a nice sport feel to it.>>>

The engine was refreshed as well. Cleaned and than neatly painted with engine casings being satin black and the heads left in bare metal. Carburetors were re-jetted to mate with velocity stacks and that lovely Y-shaped custom headers. The exhaust muffler is the icing on the cake. And then there is so much more that we usually don't see. Many hours of figuring out how to connect all the wiring and the new custom gauges, many custom one-off elements here and there. The tank, rear sets's just so much more than the visual elements.>>>

And that is what you get when an experienced designer employs his imagination, mix it with his passion and builds it with his hands.>>>

Sacha Lakic Design