Custom Honda CBX1000R / La Castigatrice

Again...they did it again...they left us speechless.... Some bikes just leave you that way. It's not that you don't want to talk about it, it's just that you think that your words can't do them justice. Sooo well thought off, built and executed. Gotta be that...>>>

But lets try and dissect it quickly starting with the base motorcycle. What more can be said about 6!!!!?!!!? cylinder Honda CBX. Beauty and the monster all in the same package. So what you do? You take that gorgeous lump and strip it to the bare metal. Then you rearrange things in the rear subframe section, add a frame loop for extra strength and pack most of the electrics there.>>>

Then you address the rest of the bike for strength, you build custom engine mounts, and work on the Cafe Racer bodywork. But you don't rush into it. You take your time. Setting up everything neatly and precisely. The balance of masses is important. You can have a weak rear end and that monster in the front. So you beef the rear up with some tasty Ohlins'.>>>

The front needs top up as problem. GSXR1000 upside-down fork on the way. Wheels also, tires also. Everything fits nicely because you're smart and precise....and artist.>>>

We don't like the skulls and whatnot, but the one here is just fitting. It just makes sense. Then you sort the exhaust and that by itself is a masterpiece.>>> Then you start it - and laugh and laugh beneath the do 200km and you laugh some more...>>>

CBX by Giovanni Agosta