Defining the term custom Lakester....

Custom Buell Salt Flat Lakester / Cherry Salt by Plan B

There's a first tier of motorcycles that make good customs: Yamaha SR's, Honda CB's, BMW R's and HD's. Then there's a second tier, containing motorcycles that you need to really work on to make them special: Ducati's, Triumph's, an odd K series BMW, Triumphs, Goldwings and all the post 1995 Japanese machinery. Then there's a third tier, something that you don't touch unless you're really really sure that you can create something worth looking....and many have tried and few succeeded. Buell M2 is somewhere there, like a shy third-grader...hiding. 

So, to create a masterpiece out of Buell, well you need to have a mixture of skill, balls, eye for detail and some luck. Plan B has it all in abundance. Check out their latest Lakester! Such a cool word. Lakester. Some sort of a speedster (another cool word) but for Boneville lake speed records. Everything is clear...

Ok, just a little bit about the bike. It's sooooooo cool that we would like to ride it around with Harley guys. It's converted to chain drive, the rear subframe has been re-designed and the front is all-aerodynamically enhanced. The amazing Hoosier car drag slick in the back gives it a super macho appearance, sooo needed to boost your confidence for low flying over the salt flats. The swing arm looks lengthened and reinforced while you're sitting on a single piece rear-frame-seat. The clunky air-box has been changed for a velocity stack, and the custom oil cooler find it's way beneath the seat.  

The overall looks of the bike is otherworldly and we could easily spend next 30min talking about this and that. But you just look at it. It's amazing isn't it?

Plan B