Rough around the edges yet beautiful...

Custom BMW K100 "Silver Grills" by Shaka Garage

We are big fans of the original K100 BMW. The "brick" is one of the most complicated and the easiest BMW to customize. Why do we say that? Well, you can pretty much strip them (easy part) and call it a custom....which is not. And there is a moment when you start really customizing it...that's where the things go wrong. The proportions are funny, the rear subframe have a tendency to slope towards the back, the engine is all imposing compared to the rest of the bike....the exhaust? Good luck...

Shaka Garage from Bari (Italy) tackled the giant. They covered all the basses and came out clean at the end. The finished product is rough around the edges but is a triumph in style nevertheless. Just look at the "crease" in the front body work how they aline with the angle of the seat. You see the geometry? That's special.

Tire combo? Another plus. The rear is more aggressive than the front, giving the bike a nice balance. An then there are the open headers. Wow. The bike looks like a shark, like a living organism. Everything fits in place. The bodywork has no paint on it except the BMW lines placed at the strategic positions on the bike, accentuating the aggressiveness even more!

Rear subframe is looped for strength and finished off with a nice custom brat style leather seat. The rest is pretty much stock stuff, yet arranged in a nice composition. We would ride this every day, no question!!!

Shaka Garage