It's Classic but it's Custom...

Classic CRD BMW R100 Custom

You don't have to go all-out-crazy just to call something personal. Or custom made. Cafe Racer Dreams and their customers knows this best. Take a look at the CRD No.65. You would make a honest mistake by saying that there is nothing done to this motorcycle at all! But the devil is in the details, keeping its custom head hidden from the ordinary peoples looks.

And yes, this bike sports the oh-so-worn-out combination of elements: the Firestone tires and pipe wraps - yet it's so natural, so elegant...almost effortless. Everything is done as it should. There is no crazy subframes, license plate holders, rearsets or exhausts. Just a harmony of newly added pieces and the timeless design of the cult R100 BMW.

If you look hard enough - you would notice that the rear subframe isn't exactly stock. It's so nicely integrated, followed by the rear wheel fender hugging the tire close, as if there is no space between them at all. 

The gas tank is a massaged stock unit, stripped of it's original paint and left bare. The bike has been significantly lowered, rear shocks are fully enclosed units while all the parts received a black powder coat, complementing the overall monochrome looks of the bike. We didn't forget the brat style seat, which btw fits in perfectly.

The bike has been perfectly executed, almost in such a way that it can serve as the template for subtle customs that will stand the test of time. When you get bored with all the new styles and design elements, squared tanks and chopped rear ends, you'll come back to this and rest your eyes. Beautiful....