Red as in ............godamnitssohot red

Badass Ducati 1000 - Custom "Ardita" by GustoAdulto

Huuuuh....this one is......well red....>>>

... and gorgeous. Just a couple of weeks back we were looking at a Ducati 1000 Sport commenting that there is sooo much customs bikes done using it as a platform that it's almost impossible for someone to come up with something new. That's exactly what makes this "Ardita" Custom Duc by GustoAdulto so special.>>>

By the looks of things this is another custom cafe racer based on a well known air-cooled piece. But it packs so much character and its so unique in some ways that it lies almost in its own category all by itself. Obviously the radical front is the focal point of the build, but the rest of the bike is so well balanced in terms of details, craftsmanship and style, that it'll stick to your mind instantly making you remember it immediately in the sea of other builds.>>>

Rear subframe has been re-designed and whole lot of custom fairing has been created. The radical front headlights are made to almost factory standard, frame has been chromed and fairing received a nice coat of fiery red shade. The wheels are custom units (we don't know which one) and the exhaust is the work of art mated to a pair of GP Pro mufflers.>>>

Enough of the rest from the pictures!>>>

Marco & GustoAdulto